Airline Crew Rostering,Problem Types, Modeling, and Optimization

Airline Crew Rostering,Problem Types,
Modeling, and Optimization

Niklas Kohl and Stefan E Karischy

Airline crew rostering is an important part of airline operations and
an interesting problem for the application of operations research. The
objective is to assign anonymous crew pairings either to personalized
rosters or to anonymous bidlines which subsequently will be assigned to
individual crew members. Compared to the crew pairing problem crew
rostering has received much less attention in the academic literature
and the models presented have been rather simplied.
The contribution of this paper is two,fold, First, we want to give
a more comprehensive description of real world airline crew rostering
problems and the mathematical models used to capture the various
constraints and objectives found in the airline industry As this has
not been attempted in previous research we think it serves a purpose
to reveal the complexity of real world crew rostering to readers without
industrial knowledge of the problem. Second we want to present the
solution methods employed in a commercial crew rostering system in
whose development we both have been involved. The Carmen Crew
Rostering system is currently in use at several major European airlines
including British Airways, KLM,Iberia,Alitalia, and Scandinavian
Airlines ,SAS,as well as at the worlds largest passenger transporta,
tion company Deutsche Bahn ,German State Railways,During the
development of the Carmen Crew Rostering system, we have gained
valuable experience about practical problem solving and we think the
system constitutes an interesting case in the application of Operations

Keywords: Crew rostering, crew scheduling, airline applications


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